Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2015 Land Rover Defender and the Tata Aria could share platforms! May be produced in Pune, India!

Tata Motors taking over Jaguar-Land Rover is giving rise to a few pleasantly surprising synergies, with the latest buzz suggesting that the next generation 2015 Land Rover Defender could share its platform with the next generation Aria. That ain’t all, the 2015 Defender could be a made-in-India model exported all over the world as a completely knocked down kit, for local assembly elsewhere. Also, the 2015 Defender is expected to feature a body-on-ladder construction. Does this mean that the next generation Aria also will go the body-on-ladder way?

Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept

It seems like as both the Defender and the Aria are set to share the same platform. Also, the 2015 Defender and the Aria Crossover we hear, could use plenty of common parts, ranging from the engines and transmissions to the interiors and the suspension. The main idea behind building the 2015 Defender in India will be to keep a tight leash on costs, thus making the off roader accessible to a large section of buyers. The next gen Aria will also benefit from this alliance as vast improvements in quality levels could be had, making the Aria an outstanding product in its class.

Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept
The 2015 Defender is said to be closely based on the design of the butch and futuristic looking Land Rover DC100 concept. Tata is also building a new engine plant at Chikli for manufacturing engines for the upcoming Jaguar XF 2.2 diesel sedan. This plant is expected to cater to the 2015 Defender as well, with local sourcing for components to reduce costs. All in all, this move is a landmark one when it comes to demonstrate the finesse in Indian build quality to a worldwide audience and Tata Motors really seems to be using the synergies gained from the JLR acquisition to the fullest potential.

Source: ICB

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