Thursday, February 9, 2012

After Maharashtra, the Tata Nano heads to Goa to be a police car!

Tata Motors delivered a fleet of Nanos to the Mumbai police on an experimental basis to see whether the Nano would fit in well as a police car. Coming to think of it, the Tata Nano and its diminutive dimensions makes a bunch of sense considering how crowded Mumbai is as a city. Also, the Nano’s high fuel economy would mean that the city runabout would be just at home doing patrolling duties in the city that never sleeps. The inexpensive Nano costing only twice as much as a motorcycle, would also offer the Mumbai constabulary all weather protection and respite from doing patrolling duties in crowded areas by foot, as is the case currently.

Tata Nano fleet of Mumbai Police

Now, the Tata Nano hatchback is all set to head to Goa and do duty amongst the Goan cops as a police car. While Goa might not be as crowded as Mumbai, most Goan back roads are more like alleys and it is here, where a car with a narrow track like the Nano would be right at home. As has been the case with Mumbai, the Tata Nano that has been painted with Goan police colors will be an experiment to see whether it fits the rigors of being a cop car. Details on what exactly has been modified on the Tata Nano to make it a cop car remains unknown at the moment.

Tata Nano fleet of Mumbai Police
However, we’re guessing that a mount for a walkie talkie and a siren/flasher on top would be the bare minimum of the mods that the Nano would need to do cop car duty. The only downside to the cop car Tata Nano perhaps would be when the Nano will have to chase down criminals making a fast getaway. The Nano is a s-l-o-w car and though the gear ratios are just about right to stay ahead of city traffic, it would be a task in itself to chase down a criminal intent on outrunning the law. Any which ways, Goa Police becomes the second police force after the Maharashtra cops to take to the Nano for cop car duty.

Source: ICB

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