Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 Range Rover Evoque Spotted in India :ICB

 Just yesterday, a right hand drive version of the Range Rover Evoque was spotted at the Tata Motors facility in Pimpri, near Pune. Now, this spotting has suddenly opened up the grapevine talk about the Evoque and we have some exclusive buzz on it. According to our reliable source, there was more than a few indications of the Evoque being readied up for an Indian launch sometime in 2011 as there seems to be a lot of buzz at Tata regarding the Evoque’s Indian arrival.

Coming to the crossover in itself, the Evoque began life as the LRX concept which culminated in the Evoque which is now available at British Land Rover dealerships. The Evoque is a gorgeous looking compact crossover that sits on massive 20 inch wheels that makes it the next big thing for all the pothole crawlers. The Evoque is also the most fuel efficient of the entire range of Land Rover SUVs as it brings two frugal yet powerful 2.2-litre turbo diesel engines, a 150PS TD4 and a 190PS SD4 mated to a six speed transmission both in manual and automatic guise.

Along with the diesels, UK customers can also specify their Evoque with a four pot, 2000cc turbo petrol pumping out 240 Bhp. but knowing Indian tastes, we’d probably be getting the diesels first along with the four door versions of the Evoque. Engines apart, the Evoque is packed with technology and safety features that include Terrain Response®, Hill Descent Control, Gradient Release Control, Hill Start Assist, Park Assist along with the usual Airbags, ABS and ESP which pretty much has become standard piece of kit on all cars north of INR 20 Lakhs.

So, if priced right the Evoque could be Land Rover’s bestselling answer to the BMW X3 and th Audi Q5s of the world as the hallowed Range Rover badge on the bonnet has much more snob value than the Beemers and Audis of this world. Talking of which, the Evoque is expected to sell in the whereabouts INR 50 something Lakhs, when it does hit Indian streets sometime in 2011. Stick around!

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