Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scoop: Next-Gen Range Rover caught testing!

Folks at Autocar have caught the up-coming version of the Range Rover SUV testing somewhere in England and the very first thing you realize is that the design of the new flagship Land Rover has been inspired by the latest Evoque. The Evoque has been extremely popular with the customers and hence, is enjoying a lot of success over the world. The Evoque will be coming to India and so will be the next generation Range Rover featured here.

The biggest styling feature on the Range Rover which is inspired by the Evoque, apart from the overall shape of the SUV is the sloping roof-line. Range Rovers of the past have had a very boxy look with the roof-line running parallel to the window line of the vehicle. When Land Rover brought the Evoque, they did hint at applying the same design philosophy to the other cars in the range.

This is now a proven fact that the Land Rover designers did in fact work on making the Range Rover much like the Evoque. We love the look of the Land Rover Evoque and with the new Range Rover too adopting cues from the ‘baby Rangy’ we hope it still retains the authoritative look that only the Range Rovers of the past had to offer. Land Rover designers know very well what they are doing and they haven’t seem to have spoiled the party piece of the big-daddy among the Land Rovers.

The new Range Rover also gets a more dynamic look to it, thanks to the pulled back design. The front windscreen slopes at a much acute angle than before and so does the rear. The split-folding tail-gate will be retained, most probably and so will the floating roof-line. The floating roof-line has also been a unique design element on the Range Rover. The rear quarter-panels now extrude further to give the SUV a wider stance when viewed from the rear.

All said, the updated Range Rover will also get new fuel-efficient engines. The focus will be on reducing emissions and pegging fuel consumption to a minimum. The new Range Rover has also been put on a diet to extract the best performance from the power plants. In fact, the new Range Rover has lost 450 kg, courtesy- lighter construction.

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