Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jaguar, Land Rover hopes to sell 50,000 units each for a Year in US

Jaguar and Land Rover have been working hard to expand their lineups in order to keep up with their competitors. As a result, a new boss was appointed for the brands’ North American branch. And to make sure that Jaguar and Land Rover are on par with the sales of direct competitors like BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, a new sales goal has been set, albeit an ambitious one too.

Andy Goss, President of Jaguar Land Rover North America has bold plans for Land Rover to hit 50,000 U.S sales by 2012 and for Jaguar to reach the same goal within five years.

Land Rover sold 31, 864 units in 2010 and has sold 20,000 vehicles through July of 2011. ”Both brands have some similarities in the fact that we are planning for growth predicated on product introductions,” said Goss. With the new compact  Evoque added to the lineup, Goss feels the 50,000 mark is within the automakers reach. Jaguar will most likely have more trouble attaining the 50,000 unit goal, based on the fact that the automaker only sold 13,340 units in 2011. Jaguar hoping to up sales with help from a sports car that the brand is considering, which may debut as a concept at the Frankfurt auto show. Goss did not provide any details but noted that Jaguar needs a small sports car and a sedan to compete with the BMW 3-Series. 

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