Monday, August 29, 2011

Tata Safari Merlin launch on Sep 27th 2011?

We have heard from some sources that the New Tata Safari (Tata Merlin) will be launched on 27th Sep 2011. Earlier we heard that Tata Safari Merlin will be launched around end of September. (Read: Tata Merlin (New Tata Safari) may be launched around September End.)

Important Points:
  1. We also came to know that the Merlin will be priced starting from 10.5L Ex-Showroom. 
  2. There will be two variants of Tata Merlin which will replace Tata Safari GX and Tata Safari VX. 
  3. The top end Merlin will overlap with Arix 4x2 Pleasure. 
  4. All versions of Tata Merlin will have read disc-brakes.
  5. Tata Merlin will co-exist with Tata Safari for at least an year. 
  6. Tata Safari GX and Tata Safari VX will be discontinued with the launch of Tata Merlin.
Hope the rumor about Tata Merlin launch by September end comes out true. What do you guys says?

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