Friday, January 13, 2012

The next generation Tata Manza could take design cues from Manza diesel hybrid concept!

At the 2012 Indian Auto Expo, Tata Motors showcased a diesel hybrid concept of the Manza sedan. So striking were the concept sedan’s looks that a few of our readers even remarked that Tata should begin putting the design team behind Tata’s concept cars to work for existing and future Tata production cars. That said, our sources working closely with Tata Motors new car development plans tell us that the next generation Manza could indeed borrow styling cues from the Manza diesel hybrid concept sedan showcased at the exposition.

Tata Manza Diesel Hybrid Concept - Front Look

The biggest and most prominent change on the Tata Manza Hybrid Concept was the front end. The rest of the car though retains the body shell of the Manza with the overall profile being very similar to the current production versions. The Manza Hybrid’s front end, a place where most of the action is, exhibits a sharp snout. The grille gets a sporty honeycomb effect while the headlamps are sharply raked units unlike the curved headlamps on the production model. Also, the traditional Tata smiling face is retained on the concept, making it look unmistakably Tata from the front.

Tata Manza Diesel Hybrid Concept at the 2012 Auto Expo

The style job continues to the rear as well where the Manza Hybrid concept gets smoked out tail lamps which feature a band new design along with new bumper styling. Viewed from the sides though, the Manza still retains some heavy and bulbous lines creeping in, as is the case with the existing version of the Manza. Despite this, if Tata Motors actually incorporate these styling elements in the next generation version of the Manza, the car could become one heck of a looker. All in the all, the Manza Hybrid concept looked quite ravishing with most show goers appreciating the design language that the car exhibited.

Source: ICB

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