Monday, January 9, 2012

Tata Nano Diesel ain’t coming anytime soon, instead how about the Nano CNG

Tata Nano CNG

Bad news first. The Tata Nano Diesel might not see a commercial launch anytime too soon with word emerging from Tata Motors that the diesel variant is at least a year away from a launch. While this would come as a bummer to many a prospective owner of the  Tata Nano Diesel, there’s still some cheer left. Tata Motors has put together a CNG variant of the Nano, and with CNG being much cheaper than petrol could still be a very sensible option for folks who want a very frugal and eco-friendly form of four wheeled personal transport.

Currently though, the Nano CNG is more of a concept that showcases Tata Motors’ growing capability of delivering cars with alternate fuel technology. Even so, the concept could become a reality as it fits right within the strengths of the Tata Nano. Coming to think of it, the Nano is primarily a city car although the cute little runabout would do just as fine on the highways. In most Indian cities, CNG is quickly becoming accessible and hence, a car with CNG will not just be non polluting but also frugal and convenient to run in most big cities, prime potential market for the Nano.

Tata Nano CNG Concept - Technical Specification

Important Key Features of Tata Nano CNG:
  • The Nano CNG concept will be a Bi-fuel Car that can run on both petrol as well as CNG.
  • The CNG tank has been packaged in such a way that it doesn’t intrude on the luggage space of the Nano.
  • The components for the CNG kit have been sourced from world class suppliers.
  • The Nano CNG will have a CNG cut off system in case of even a slight leak.
  • The Nano CNG will use the highly efficient controlled sequential gas injection kit.
  • The Nano CNG’s driver will be able to seamlessly switch between petrol and CNG modes.
Source: ICB


  1. when will it b launched? any clue?!

  2. It may be launched around mid of 2012.