Monday, January 9, 2012

Tata Manza Diesel Electric Hybrid concept showcased at the 2012 Indian Auto Expo!

Tata Manza Diesel Electric Hybrid Concept

Tata Motors showcased what was India’s first diesel hybrid concept in the form of the Tata Manza Diesel Electric Hybrid concept, at the Auto Expo 2012. Currently, the only diesel plug-in hybrid in production is the Volvo V70 while the other production diesel hybrid, albeit a non plug-in version is the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 Crossover. Therefore, the Tata Manza Diesel Hybrid Concept is a special car for it is the first Indian diesel hybrid concept, a tribe of cars that will only grow in the coming times.

The Tata Manza Diesel Hybrid uses a 1.05 Liter common rail turbo diesel engine that produces about 60 Bhp. This engine is mated to an automatic CVT transmission that also receives power from a 45 KW electric motor giving the car its hybrid credentials. The Manza Hybrid features a 44 liter diesel tank, which means that it will be good for a range of close to a whopping 1,000 kilometers when combined with electric power.

Tata Manza Diesel Electric Hybrid Concept

The Manza Diesel Hybrid is designed to operate as both a series as well as a parallel hybrid. In parallel hybrid mode where the diesel engine basically acts as a generator to juice up the lithium ion battery, this car will have a really huge range per tankful and will really frugal if it ever goes into production. The Manza Hybrid also has solar panels lining the roof, regenerative braking and a stop-start system to maximize mileage and tail pipe reduce emissions to a bare minimum.

In concept guise, the Manza Diesel Hybrid has the following additional features,
  • Proximity touch operated door locks
  • Bi Xenon and LED projector headlamps
  • LED tail lamp cluster
  • Hydrophobic nano coating on the windshield
  • Touch screen infotainment console with haptic feedback
  • ABS and airbags
Source: ICB

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