Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2012 Tata Nano: A detailed preview

You do not need to step inside the 2012 Tata Nano to know that the vehicle has been given a complete makeover. The multiple color range that it has been provided with including unique colors, like Rouge Red and Papaya Orange, makes this statement as soon as you take a look at the vehicle.

Tata Nano 2012

The Exteriors:

Though the car has been launched as a low-budget hatchback, Tata Motors has not shied away from giving a stylish look to the 2012 Tata Nano. The bonnet, though small, gives a petite appearance to the car. However, other than the additional eight colors that the vehicle comes in, it is hard to identify any other features within the car exterior that are strikingly different from the previous model. The only major additions that have been provided to the exteriors of the vehicle is an additional rear-view mirror on the passenger side, which indeed is a sensible and essential addition. Also, the top end LX model has been provided with plastic wheel-caps.

The Interiors:

If you were getting a bit disheartened looking at the exteriors and thinking that it’s the same vehicle with minor adjustments, just open the door of the vehicle and the refreshing change provided to the interiors gives you the feel of stepping into an all-new car, altogether. It really seems that the authorities at Tata Motors have indeed been listening to their customers. The manufacturer has definitely taken a lot of pains in livening up the interiors. The LX model has been given a beige-colored dashboard with a central console and the gear knobs have been given a silver finish. With the seat fabric also being provided in beige, the cabin gets a feel that we all desired for. The standard version has been provided with graphite interior that exudes a lot of freshness. Similarly black is the chosen colour as far as the interior of the CX model is concerned. The two-toned door pads with deeper pockets are also a significant notch up from the initial model that had been introduced.

The other comfort feature that was definitely required, and hence is being appreciated greatly, is the provision of adjustable headrests in the front seats. Though these headrests have restricted movement, yet the development is significant as the earlier model just had a one-piece seat. The front seats also are more supportive to their occupants. As we move to the rear, we are again reminded of the huge space the Nano has packed inside, almost a size greater than all competitive budget hatchbacks. Comfort issues of the rear seat passengers have also been addressed with the height of the seat back being raised to provide better support to the shoulders.

Power and Mileage along with Driving Comfort:

The manufacturer has definitely put in work on the 624cc engine. Not only is it more fuel-efficient, the power has also been increased to 37BHp (the previous model was at 35BHp). Torque has also been raised to 5.2kgm. The Nano retains its city driving aspect and now offers increased fuel-efficiency of 25.4 km/liter (23.6km/liter was provided by the erstwhile model). The overall driving comfort have also been refined further as you experience less shocks while driving.

A complaint we always held while driving the erstwhile model of the Tata Nano was the heaviness of the steering when operating at a slow speed. The suspension has been definitely given a fair revision and the effect seems noticeable with the steering being a little lighter. However, some degree of effort is still required on the steering, particularly when parking the vehicle. Power steering is not something that one might see in the very near future. This has been addressed to a certain extent, though, with the tight-turning circle of the Nano, that enables you to weave through city traffic. The vehicle also has improved stability with the anti-roll bar provided at the front, doing its job well.


The best news among all these however is the fact that all the updates provided have not been accompanied with a corresponding increase in price. Ex-showroom pricing of Nano 2012 for Delhi is:

Standard Model - Rs.1.4 Lakh
CX Model - Rs.1.7 Lakh
LX Model - Rs.1.96 Lakh

Source:Indian Drives

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