Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scoop: Tata Aria Left Hand Driver sans AT

Tata Motors’ flagship product, the Tata Aria Crossover is headed for markets abroad and here’s definitive proof as our roving eye in the sky, EarthFusion swooped down on an on-test Tata Aria LHD. The left hand drive version of the Aria however did not feature an automatic gearbox. So the same five speed manual gearbox might be what the export version of the Aria could feature although we do know for a fact that Tata is working on an automatic transmission for the Aria.

The Aria LHD’s interiors as well as the exteriors did not show any visible changes from the current Aria. Also, we expect the same 140 Bhp-320 Nm 2.2 Liter DICOR turbodiesel engine equipped with a dual mass flywheel to do duty in the Aria. The Tata Aria has been a sales dud in the domestic market and could do well if Tata repositions the Crossover with a price drop. Perhaps, the move to sell the Aria in developed markets will bring in the desired volumes for Tata Motors.

Talking about the export markets, both the Tata Safari SUV and the Tata Xenon pick up are decent sellers for Tata in export markets around the world and the Aria could follow in these vehicles’ tyre marks. The Tata Aria is now available with a discount of close to INR 2 Lakhs, which makes it a superb proposition for folks wanting a roomy and capable crossover which is extremely comfortable too.

This discounted price of the Aria, currently being called a December offer might extend into the next few months as the Aria is simply not selling at the original price it was positioned at. Al said, the Aria does have a lot of positives going for it like the  interiors, which is the best ever on a Tata car. The Aria feels better put together than other Tata cars and also comes with a range of features that are offered only in cars twice its price.

Source: ICB

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