Thursday, December 1, 2011

Details about 2015 Jaguar XK coming out

Bigger, faster and more luxurious, Jaguar reveals future of its next-generation XK

Thoughts at Jaguar HQ are turning to replacement for XK, Auto Express has learned.

Following the hugely successful response to the new CX-16, the firm is now beginning work on redesigning its top selling flagship coupe – and is believed to be on track to launch the car sometime late in 2015.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one company insider told Auto Express that the launch of the £97,000 XKR-S shows the likely direction the development team will take with the new car.

In an effort to lift it clear of the CX-16 – with which the model will share its aluminium construction and chassis design – the rear-wheel-drive XK will be bigger than the current model, offering larger rear seats and a more practical cabin.

“If the CX-16 is the sports car, the new XK will be the GT” said our source.

There’s still no word on the engine likely to power the car. However, with performance of the near-200mph XKR-S setting a benchmark, it’s unlikely that the car will be fitted with the hybrid V6 engine showcased by the CX-16.

Instead, the model could use either a development of the four-cylinder turbocharged and supercharged engine first shown in the CX-75 concept, or a new V8 hybrid that the firm is developing from its new V6.

Source: AutoExpress

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