Friday, December 2, 2011

Tata Nano clocks impressive sales of 6,401 in November 2011

Tata Nano 2012

When the Tata Nano was first launched more than a year ago, 20,000 units per month was what Tata Motors initially targeted for the Nano. Things however went awry with the Nano managing to sell not more than 3,000 to 4,000 units per month on an average, prompting analysts including us to question whether the Nano is dangerously close to becoming a sales flop. Things however seem to be looking up for the little car, spawned out of Ratan Tata’s dream of putting Indians on four wheels.

In November, amidst a gloomy economic climate even as the Indian GDP has failed to grow at even 7% on account of a sagging manufacturing sector, the Nano managed to clock over 6,401 units. Tata has been doling out attractive offers to push Nano sales and these measures could finally be yielding results even as the Nano seems to have made a decent comeback, after months of drooping sales.

Interior of Tata Nano 2012

Incidentally, November 2010, exactly a year ago was a time when the Nano slumped to its worst monthly sales ever, with 509 units, prompting Tata Motors to come up with a slew of corrective measures like a 4 year/60,000 Km warranty, zero downpayment schemes and a INR 99 month maintenance package. In November 2011, Tata has come up with a refreshed 2012 Nano, which is a vastly improved car compared to the previous iteration in many areas.

The 2012 Nano is not just faster and more responsive than the previous versions, but is also more frugal and upmarket. Apart from the revamped interiors, the 2012 Nano features a more softer exhaust note compared to the distinctive twin cylinder thrum that the first generation Nano had. In a sense, the 2012 Nano seems like what the Tata Indica V2 was. The big question now is whether the 2012 Nano could glorious comeback, just like the Indica V2 did almost a decade ago for the Indica brand. For a start, things look quite positive for the Nano.

Source: ICB

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