Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aluminum engines for Tata cars

Tata Motors is planning to take the aluminum route to woo the price-conscious Indian consumer. At a time when the sales of its products are falling faster than the industry average, the company is working on lightweight all-aluminum engines for its passenger car offerings, which being lighter than the present cast-iron blocks, offer better fuel efficiency.

All the company’s future car engines will feature all-aluminum (head and block) construction, for which work is in progress, said the company spokesperson.

Tata Motors’ sales in the first five months of the fiscal year dropped 21% to 99,129 units.

Currently, Tatas claim a mileage of 25-kilometre per litre mileage (kmpl) for its diesel hatchback Indica and the Indigo compact sedan. Based on the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) — testified voluntary fuel economy disclosures by car makers — 25 kmpl is so far the highest in India.

Tata is also working on different versions of its direct injection common rail engines with focus on increasing the efficiency of combustion chamber.

Work is also happening on a diesel version of the micro car Nano. The petrol Nano in ideal conditions offers 23 kmpl.

The diesel version is expected to have a fuel economy of 30-35 kmpl,  though the company is tight-lipped about it.

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