Friday, September 9, 2011

Jaguar XKR-S can rip pedestrains cloths off at 500

The Jaguar XKR-S can rip pedestrians' cloths-off at five-hundred yards.

Jaguar XKR-S

The Jaguar XKR-S can rip pedestrians' cloths-off at five-hundred yards. This is thanks to its astonishing power. The 5.0-litre V8 engine produces 550bhp, which is equivalent to more than seven Citroen C1s combined. This monstrous power is sent to the rear wheels via six-speed automatic Transmission. And the result? This two-door coupé rockets to 60mph in a teeth shattering 4.2 seconds. Top speed is a licence losing 186mph. Hold on!

Now, it goes without saying that the Jaguar XKR-S handles beautifully. Even naked pedestrians can see that as this mighty machine roars past. It is also obvious that this £97.000 beauty has agonisingly good looks, more gadgets than the space shuttle, and enough prestige to make Ferrari drivers look twice.

However, this vehicle has another important strength. It complements its new siblings to create a modern and vibrant Jaguar.

Let me explain. In recent years, Jaguar has suffered from an image problem. The marque has been perceived as old fashioned and stuffy - rather too 'golf club' for some. So, RIP the classically themed S-Type. Farewell traditional XJ that sported the same shape since the long-forgotten sixties. Hello striking XF. Greetings to the bang-up-to-date new XJ – and welcome to the party XKR-S. Jaguar has evolved and its claws are sharper than ever.

By Stephen Turvil,

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