Sunday, September 18, 2011

TATA Nano to patrol streets if Mumbai police deem it fit

The budget car TATA Nano could now be used by the Mumbai Police as a patrol vehicle. Images of the test car are already on the web and the car is being tested to evaluate its suitability as a pursuit vehicle considering its 624 cc engine that generates a mere 48 Nm and a small acceleration.

The Mumbai Police Commissioner has approached TATA Motors that took the lead to offer its services by providing a model for testing. The police have stated that the plan is not concrete yet and a deal will be made only after the vehicle has been tested to its limits for the crucial job.

A senior officer mentioned that the car will take up less space for parking and movement through Mumbai's narrow lanes. It will be advantageous over the motorcycles that are currently is use as its duct could be used to store weapons and communication equipment.

Source: RushLane

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