Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jaguar XF and XJ are geting All-Wheel Drive

After bragging about it’s new C-X16 Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, along with its facelifted version of the XF and XK, Jaguar has decided to come up with another reason to be gossiped: the two models XF and XJ, will get the all-wheel drive technology.

Due to the fact that the competition already has come with this system for their own cars, and there is a high demand for all-wheel drive cars on markets where Jaguar is being sold, and the automaker is currently losing customers to its German rivals, Jaguar is kinda forced to updgrade, even though the production costs shall rise considerably.

The company’s brand director says that the XJ is doing well on the premium segment, but, as usual, theres always room for better. The model needs some impulse in order to raise its sails and compete with the German rivals.

There is no information regarding when the upgraded models shall hit the showrooms, but is for sure that the gap between Jaguar and brands like Audi or BMW is about to become smaller.

Source: InAutoNews


  1. Fix the roof rattles first than worry about awd.

  2. Agreed!!! Roof rattles first then dashboard rattles then AWD.

    Owner 2011 XF