Saturday, September 3, 2011

The real story for Tata Nano's dismal sales in AUG 2011!


We have found out the actual reason behind why only 1,202 Nanos reached Tata dealer stockyards in the month of August.

Tata suspended production for a fortnight at it’s Sanand plant in Gujarat, on account of annual plant maintenance and realignment of Tata Nano inventory at the dealerships. This stoppage in production has led to only 1,202 units of the Tata Nano being shipped to Tata dealers across India. Hence, the lower monthly sales figure for the Tata Nano.
On the renewed marketing focus for the Nano, Tata Motors Limited also had this to say,
The company is witnessing very encouraging response to consumer-oriented marketing efforts, resulting in increasing inquiries and footfalls at the company’s showrooms.

From Tata Motors’ statement regarding the Tata Nano’s dismal numbers in August, 2011, it is evident that the Nano’s lower numbers have to do with a cut in production at Sanand than with massive fall in buyers for the revolutionary small car. However, it remains to be seen whether the marketing initiative by Tata Motors for the Nano brings in some good results as the Nano’s sales have been on a decline for some time now.

Also worth considering is the fact whether Tata Motors would hasten the arrival of the upgraded and diesel engined versions of the Tata Nano at this juncture to boost sales as the demand for diesel cars continue to rise in the Indian market. We, for out part will track September Nano numbers closely to see whether the demand for the Nano picks up in the coming days. Watch this space! 


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