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Jaguar XK face-lift review :What Car?

Jaguar XKR-S Face-lift

What is it?
Jaguar's high-performance XK coupe has been given a mid-life update that brings a series of styling revisions.

The headlights are slimmer than before, and now use intelligent LED technology. They sit atop a larger grille and a redesigned bumper. The changes, although minimal, improve the looks noticeably, giving the XK a flatter and more aggressive front-end.

The rear lights have also been tweaked, albeit more subtly, and there are new sets of alloy wheels to choose from. Owners will be able to further set their car apart from pre-face-lift models with a choice of five new colours.

Inside, a new set of seats offers increased support.

What's it like to drive? 
The engine and suspension remain unchanged on the standard XK, so you get the same mix of blistering performance and surprising comfort.

Even the entry-level car we drove is rapid, with 60mph coming in just 5.2 seconds. The 380bhp 5.0-litre V8 also snarls gloriously after even the smallest of throttle blips.

The only let-down on the performance front is the six-speed gearbox, which is smooth and unobtrusive on upshifts, but a bit jerkier on downchanges than is preferable. Paddle-shifters behind the steering wheel allow for more engagement if desired.

Elsewhere, the firm but well-damped ride and responsive and nicely weighted steering make for an engaging and enjoyable experience that doesn't compromise comfort at lower speeds.

What's it like inside? 
There is a glorious feel of quality to elements of the XK's cabin, with the leather steering wheel and the suede-like material of the headlining in our test car the particular highlights.

Sadly, the navigation and entertainment system, and the feel of some of the plastics are not quite of the same standard.

The rear seats are also pointless for anything other than a jacket or small bags as they have next-to-no head- and legroom and are strangely bucket-like in shape. However, treat the XK as a two-seater and there is plenty of room for adults up front.

Should I buy one? 
The XK does almost everything you could expect of a sporting coupe, and the visual alterations help it looks more like one as well.

With a high purchase price and poor running costs, the XK is not cheap to run, but it will not disappoint if you can stretch to it.

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What Car? gives * * * * *

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