Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Range Rover Evoque Launched in China; Priced Competitively

Range Rover Evoque launch in China

Under the slogan of ‘Hello Beijing‘ Land Rover’s most fashionable car to date rolled out from under the curtain and positioned itself to take on the Chinese market. The Evoque has been priced at just over 620,000rmb for the five door and 630,000rmb for the three door version, as Chinese consumers generally have a terrible aversion to all things diesel only the 240bhp gasoline engine is being offered in China for the time being.

The British made Evoque is actually very well positioned in the Chinese market, in the same pricing segment you have the box like German made Mercedes GLK which starts at 440,000rmb and rises to 618,000rmb and BMW have the American made X3 at 540,000rmb rising to 700,000rmb, below it you have the Chinese made Audi Q5 which weighs in at around 400,000rmb. Of course, the BMW and Mercedes offerings are giving six cylinder engines with similar power outputs as the Evoque, but the Evoque’s major selling point is its high power coupled with high fuel economy – then again, consumers that have 600k RMB to blow on a car will not worry about fuel costs in the short term.

The Evoque is likely to boost Land Rover’s sales in the Chinese market by a large margin and will give consumers a welcome break from the usual German luxury SUV’s and slightly odd looking Japanese luxury SUV offerings. Should Land Rover put models such as the Evoque into production in China in the next few years, then we could potentially see the Land Rover brand expand considerably.

Source: China Car Times

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