Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tata Magic Iris CNG with facelift scooped

Barely six months have elapsed after Tata Motors launched the Magic Iris passenger carrier and the Ace Zip mini pick up, and here we are, already staring at a possible facelift of the Tata Magic Iris, which could be a result of the market feedback that Tata Motors has garnered over the past half year or so. Our roving eye in the sky, EarthFusion has just managed to snap up a facelifted CNG powered Magic Iris doing the testing rounds!

The Tata Magic Iris passenger carrier, intended to be a people mover that could replace the ubiquitous autorickshaws in urban and rural India, has been doing decent numbers for Tata Motors, along with its load carrying sibling, the Ace Zip. This said, the Tata Magic Iris came with cloth/flexible plastic based rear windows and rear windshield. Tata Motors seems to have recognized that the cloth/flexible plastic based windows and rear windshield might not work very well in inclement weather.

Thus, we have a glass window at the rear and the rear windshield too is now a glass item, a-la-Tata Nano. Also, both the middle windows and the rear window seem to have become bigger than before, a move perhaps to make the Magic Iris more airy. These two features might be what the next facelift of the Magic Iris could get and along with that, a CNG heart is also in the offing,.

The CNG engine for the Magic Iris might help this little people mover find a ready market in urban India’s big metros where CNG penetration is steadily picking up. So, the pesky autorickshaws might after all get replaced by something that is equally compact and maneuverable while also being much more safer and non polluting with CNG as the fuel option of choice.

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