Monday, November 7, 2011

Tata Winger CNG spotted testing: ICB

ICB has caught the Tata Winger CNG doing the testing rounds somewhere off Pune. The Tata Winger is an MPV from the Tata stable, one that is designed as a versatile vehicle that can play various roles from being a people mover, a school bus or even an ambulance. The Winger  is currently available with two diesel engine options, a 2 liter naturally aspirated, 68 Bhp-115 Nm, direct injection diesel that powers the Tata Sumo and the 2 liter turbocharged intercooled(TCIC), 90 Bhp-190 Nm engine that used to power the Tata Safari previously.

Tata Winger CNG
 The Winger is also available with a wide range of seating options ranging from 9 to 13 seats, with air conditioning. The arrival of the CNG version of the Winger will only make it a much more attractive proposition for cab operators who will love the economy of CNG along with the hassle free operation of a factory fitted CNG kit, which could also come with the standard 1.5 Lakh Km/18 month warranty that current Wingers come with.

Our sources tell us that the Tata Winger CNG is due for a launch very shortly as the model has been testing for close to a year now. So, expect the Tata Winger CNG to be available very soon at a Tata dealer near you. Meanwhile, the other noteworthy aspect of the Winger CNG is that the passenger van with the CNG fuel option would mean that tail pipe emissions are well taken care of as CNG is a clean burning fuel which produces very less emissions as compared to diesel. So, the Winger CNG being a green form of transportation is also something that adds plenty of cheer.

Source: Indian Cars Bikes (ICB)

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