Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cabbie special Tata Indica XL CR4 scooped

At the 1998 Indian Auto Expo, a proud Ratan Tata introduced the Indica, Tata Motors’ first monocoque passenger car, as a car that will rival the Zen in its outer dimensions, the Ambassador in its size, a diesel car in running costs and a Maruti 800 in terms of the initial purchase cost. The Indica has lived true to its underpinnings as a very spacious and robust car that is very affordable own and run although the car did and does have its fair share of niggles.

Space has never been a constraint in the Indica and the proof of the pudding are the thousands of cabbies in India who swear by the Indica’s cavernous and comfortable interiors. Now, almost 13 years later, the Indica could get an all new variant, for the market which it has become synonymous with, the Tata Indica XL cabbie special. What is so special about this car, you may ask? We’ll tell you that just in a bit, but before that, we want you to take a long hard look at the spy shot of the Tata Indica XL CR4 our roving eye in the sky.

As is evident from the image, the Tata Indica XL is a stretched wheelbase version of the Tata Indica. Move over the Nissan Sunny Sedan which calls itself the Caaaaar, this is the real deal when it comes to a stretched car that will offer supreme comfort to its rear seat occupants. So, space and rear seat comfort are somethings that will be the biggest USP of the Tata Indica XL. EarthFusion also reports that the car featured rear AC vents and more luxurious interiors than the bare bones Indicab.

So, the focus is clearly on a hatchback that will put many sedans to shame when it comes to the sheer comfort it offers for the back benchers. Also, this car will feature a turbo charged, common rail diesel engine unlike the indirect injection Indicab diesels. Pricing too is expected make it a favorite of the cabbies, at whom the Tata Indica XL is squarely targeted at. One question however remains, will such a car sell well considering that the Tata Indigo XL, another Tata car with an elongated wheelbase hasn’t really set the hustings on fire despite having great space and supreme rear set comfort?

Source: Indian Cars Bikes

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