Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tata Nano going to Brazil?

World over the Tata Nano has always been a big showstopper, ever since Ratan Tata unveiled the all Indian people’s car at the 2008 Indian Auto Expo. But it is only recently that Tata has commenced tapping into the export potential of the Nano with exports to Nepal. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Recently, Antonio Augusto Anastasia,the Governor of Minas Gerais, Brazil’s second most populous state, on a visit to India had this to remark about the Tata Nano.

We would very much like to take Tata Nano to Brazil. Brazil and India already have good relationships. We want to strengthen them lot more. We invite big corporates to invest there.

While we can’t read much into the remark of Anastasia, Brazil could be a potential market for the Tata Nano as the country is quite similar to India although it is much more evolved as an automotive market compared to India. Many Indian cars and motorcycles that are doing duty in India have first been introduced in the Brazilian market. As an illustration, the Hero Impulse dual purpose motorcycle has been around in Brazil for quite a while as the Honda NXR BROS.

Similarly, the Fiat Palio and the Uno both were introduced in the Brazilian market before the Indian market. So, Brazil as a country has many similarities with India and hence the Nano could be introduced in that country as a low cost, entry level car offering high fuel economy. On whether Tata Motors will consider the Brazilian governor’s offer seriously and begin exporting the Tata Nano to Brazil either in CBU or in CKD form is something that we will have to wait and watch.

Source: Indian Cars Bikes

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