Monday, October 24, 2011

Range Rover Evoque in next Bond movie?

Is the Range Rover Evoque set to star in the next James Bond movie?

Land Rover’s funky new premium compact off-roader is a rare example of a promising new product that really does live up to the hype – and with such stylish lines this isn’t likely to escape the discerning eye of 007.

MSN Cars’ insider sources tell us that an Evoque was delivered to Pinewood Studios this very morning. And given Pinewood is home to the Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage it doesn’t take much to put two and two together and get ‘kerching!’

While Land Rover is unwilling to confirm or deny at this moment, not only is the high-tech sleek and muscular look of the Evoque perfect for the world’s most famous super spy, the slinky SUV’s British brand credentials also fit very sweetly.

Land Rovers have appeared in Bond movies before, of course. Notable on-screen excursions include the custom Range Rover convertible in Octopussy – a player key in the pre-title escapade involving a horse-box hidden Acrostar Jet – the Defender that gets driven out of a Hercules in The Living Daylights, and the Range Rover Sport Daniel Craig crashes as a distraction in Casino Royale.

And although Jaguar/Land Rover are no longer part of the Ford group of motor companies, which have furnished the majority of the vehicles in the last three Bond films, we are ready to lay money on the Evoque making an appearance in the next one.

Whether it will be in the hands of Bond himself or the MI6 agent’s latest squeeze we would hesitate to speculate. But we do reckon the Evoque is way too good to hand over to the baddies.

Filming for the new Bond movie, currently known only as ‘Bond 23’ began earlier this month – at Pinewood. Daniel Craig reprises his role as 007, while the director’s chair is this time occupied by Sam Mendes, the man behind American Beauty and Revolutionary Road.

Bond 23 is due to hit cinemas in November 2012.

Source: MSN Cars

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