Monday, October 31, 2011

Tata Motors dealers and workshops Go Green

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With everyone advocating the "Go Green" theme, and a bid for a cleaner and more environmentally friendly situation, Tata Motors have announced their intentions to revamp their dealerships and service centers.  Their dealer outlets and workshops will be given a makeover and this will ensure a more environment friendly atmosphere. Tata Motors have 1240 dealers and authorized workshops which have been categorized into three sections according to regions.

A spokesperson of the company said that Tata Motors was in the process of availing facilities for wind and solar energy, rain water harvesting and recycling of waste water.  This restructuring will entail an investment of Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.10 crores depending on the size of outlet. The spokesperson also added that the company will also be training their dealers and stall to achieve sustainable targets.

Detailed monitoring of carbon footprint of all dealers and service centre's across India would be maintained in a similar fashion as the company is monitoring the carbon footprint of their manufacturing units. It would definitely go a long way if other companies took a cue from Tata Motors in improving our environment.

Source: Rush Lane

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