Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chery QQ found Testing in India, Possibly working with Tata Motors

Can an alliance across the Himalayas possibly bare fruit? Chery are reportedly working to align themselves with Tata, India’s biggest auto maker, in a bid to take on another potential 1 billion customers in a rapidly growing market. Pictures of a Chery QQ testing on Indian roads have lead to the rumor mill going in to over drive in the Chinese media. Of course with Tata’s ownership of Jaguar and Land Rover, which are currently negotiating a joint venture with Chery for Chinese production, Tata maybe inviting Chery to India for assistance in the Indian market.

From an outsiders point of view, the Indian auto market has yet to take off, with sales still being relatively low and with few domestic manufacturers, on the other hand the Chinese auto market is jam packed with manufacturers and sales figures that are retreating from all time high sales growth figures. So could Chinese manufacturers take on India? there is a good chance for them, despite the naysayers that say Indian consumers will never buy a Chinese car, but lets not forget the common man is hardly interested in state politics or history, he wants to trade his motorbike in for a car.

Chinese media are also speculating that Tata maybe looking for just a bit more than localized production for the Land Rover Freelander in China, some media are guessing that LR maybe shopping for diesel engines as well – of course Chery have already developed a series of diesel engines for their potential push in to the European market, so who knows if JLR’s will be carrying Chery engines in the future.

Source: China Car Times

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