Friday, October 28, 2011

Tata Aria Automatic (AT): Scooped by Carwale

Tata Motors had launched their new flagship, the Aria last year. The Aria is the first Indian crossover and was built on ladder frame. Initially, the Aria was offered only as a 4x4, with the option to shift to 4x2 on the fly.

Tata recently introduced the 4x2 version of the Aria to increase its volumes. Now, our sources confirm that Tata has been working on the automatic version of the Aria. The automatic version of the Aria has been undergoing tests in India as well as abroad. We believe that Tata could utilise some of its technology and expertise from JLR to develop their first automatic transmission.  The car had undergone certain tests in the UK for about 3000-4000kms.

The automatic transmission will add another option for the Aria buyers. Since, the current Safari, the new upcoming Safari Merlin and the Grande have the same 2.2-litre engine DiCOR engine that powers the Aria, Tata could use these boxes on them as well.

Source: Carwale

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